How To Turn Working Out Into A Habit

How To Turn Working Out Into A Habit

Working out is like brushing your teeth.

Weird comparison right? Well, when you think about it both are beneficial for our health. Both are things we need to do on a daily basis. And both are tasks we sometimes forget to do and then regret immediately.

There is only one big difference.

Society considers brushing our teeth a habit and working out not yet. Although there are millions of articles and tons of researches online telling us how important it is, some people still haven't added it to their daily routine.

A couple of weeks ago I did.

I started working out at least six days a week. The big surprise? It didn't make me feel like described in all those articles or researches.

It was better!

I now have the feeling I want to run and jump up and down like a little kid with a Dory balloon. I smile from ear to ear and my face is so glowing that my boyfriend thinks his screen is greasy when we FaceTime.

Are you convinced already? But maybe you don't know how you should incorporate working out in your daily schedule? Or you just need a little bit more motivation? Don't worry, after reading these 10 tips you will be running to the gym immediately.


  1. Set a specific goal. For example: I' going to work out every day. Or if that's a little too much for you maybe 3 times a week. It doesn't matter how often, as long as it's a specific number you feel 100% comfortable with. A number you can for sure commit to.

  2. Set a specific time. In order to make working out a habit you have to set a specific time. Maybe you like to kick-start your day and schedule some gym time in the morning. Maybe you are more an evening person. My personal favorite is to first work or go to uni and then workout in the middle of the day so I'm energized for a productive afternoon. It doesn't matter which time you pick, as long as you can commit to working out at the same time, every day.

  3. Make a schedule. It's so much easier if you know exactly what you need to do when you're in the gym.

  4. Tell your loved ones you are going to workout. If I tell Fadi I'm going to work out he always send me a message asking how it's going. It's extremely motivating and besides that it turns working out into a social obligation! That's exactly what we want!

  5. Find some friends to go with you. How amazing is it if you can work on your killer bodies together?

  6. Buy nice workout gear. Speaking about killer bodies I always feel much better in my skin when I wear nice sportswear, like the MKBM (My Killer Body Motivation) sportswear designed by Dutch superstar Faja Lourens. Her leggings are so figure-hugging that they lift my butt immediately and that makes me feel so much more confident when I'm working out. I love it!

  7. Hiring a private trainer. This might be the best option to get the results you want. A cheaper alternative? Watch YouTube videos! There are so many good routines online, with virtual personal trainers who tell you exactly what you should do and who will not let you give up after the first set.

  8. Alternatives. If going to the gym isn't your favorite thing to do, don't worry! There are lots of other fun sporty activities to do. Go running on the beach, swim laps in the closest pool, take dancing classes or join a teamsport. Just make working out fun!

  9. Make a workout playlist. Music always boosts your mood!

  10. Make sure it becomes a habit. Just like brushing your teeth, working out has to get into your system. It has to be a habit and once it is you will not even consider it hard to work out everyday. It will just be part of your routine.

If you want more information about turning working out into a habit you can watch the YouTube video I made about this subject.

Lots of love,
Sanne Vander

This article is written in collaboration with MKBM Sportswear