When in Paris...

When in Paris...

Hi Vanders,

Now that I'm in Cape Town, the ultimate beach destination, it feels so incredibly long ago that I was walking in the city of love and light, hopping from casting to casting overlooking the Seine and the Eiffel Tower. As you all know, staying in Paris was difficult for me, but I wouldn't want to have missed the opportunity to go there in a million years.

One of the most exciting things I did while in France for modeling was my cover shoot for Modes et Travaux. I remember another model told me to go to a different casting, but I insisted on going for the Modes et Travaux one and surprise, surprise: I got booked!

It was a long day of shooting on a boat that happened to be a restaurant. We shot different outfits all day long and there were 10 different people checking if my hair was okay and my outfits matched. Modeling definitely isn't as glamorous as it seems, with all the long hours, rushing and changing in front of the whole crew, but the results are always such a beautiful reminder of the work you have put in.

What do you think of this shoot?

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