Sanne's Secret

Sanne's Secret

Pssst, I have a Secret!
You can become a Victoria's Secret Angel without having to step one foot on the runway!
"How?" you ask? Well, by working out and eating EXACTLY like the VS models.
It sounds super complicated. Or actually, almost impossible.

However, it's way easier than you think.
Recently I started a journey of working out every single day. It felt amazing, I had more energy, my skin felt more glowing and most importantly: I felt so much happier.

After a while I become bored of my own routine and starting searching for more challenging workouts. I came across the Victoria's Secret Angel routines and was hooked immediately. I have always admired the Angels for their dedication and dreamed of becoming one myself. By adjust my diet and my gym routine I felt two steps closer to that childhood dream. And I want you to feel that way too!


Wearing Lilybod sportswear

That's why, from now on, I will guide you through the whole process, step by step. We are in it together! In it to win it!

From Monday till Saturday you can expect a VS workout video on my YouTube channel. I will do the exact routines the Angels do and you can do them with me, in real time!

I show you how hard the routines are, talk about the mistakes I make and make you laugh with my silly moves.

Basically, it's a workout session with your best friend, but then VICTORIA'S SECRET STYLE!

On Sunday we have a so called 'EXTRA VANDER' video in which I show you food diaries, motivational videos etc.

I hope you are as excited as I am because we are going to totally rock it, together!

Get in shape before the new year starts and be ahead of the game!

You can already watch some of the previous VS routines I have filmed and to stay up to date, please hit the red button on YouTube and subscribe to my channel.