Néomie shares how she toned her body

Néomie shares how she toned her body

Today I'd like to introduce you to my friend Néomie, this gorgeous fitbabe is going to tell us everything about her healthy lifestyle and of course give tips along the way.

Néomie spent 7 years of her life studying only with girls. They would compare themselves all the time and some were totally obsessed with their appearance. That environment made it harder for her to accept her own body. "I felt like I wasn’t skinny enough compared to all the girls and hated my height. Since I am 4’9 and gain all the weight in my legs, extra kilos were more visible on my body than on someone else’s".


Néomie always liked sports. She did 5 years of gymnastics, which helped her to have a strong body, especially abs. "I could also say its genetics since my mum was a fitness trainer. I always had muscle, that’s my body type. But I stopped doing gymnastics and started to gain weight more easily. I had no motivation and didn’t know how to workout properly. I would only do some cardio when I had the motivation and was eating whatever I wanted."

When she moved to Israel and started university, it was a whole new life for Néomie and she felt it was time for a change. She found a gym and built her program. During the first year, she would go 4-5 times a week and stay more than 1,5 sometimes even 2 hours. "My friends and family got worried because I was training way too much, started going everyday, and it even caused me to faint in the middle of my gym one day."

At that point, Néomie realized her program wasn’t adapted. She didn’t want to gain more muscle, instead she wanted to tone her body. She realized being healthy meant she had to loose fat. "I decided to stop eating fast food, snacks, oily food, drinking sodas, sugar added drinks and eating between meals. Drinking only water and tea made me see a big difference in my body, my stomach was finally getting flat like I wanted it."


Changing her program and adding more cardio helped Néomie to get more toned and she also lost a few kilos. Besides her physical health, Néomie also feels stronger in her mind. "I feel completely different from high school when I hated my body and had no self confidence. Now, I feel proud of my progress and I am not afraid to show my body, I don’t care anymore about what people think. Instagram helped me to gain confidence, because I used to think other people’s opinions mattered".

Néomie tells me she is far from done with her fitness journey and more than motivated to achieve her next goals. If you want to follow her progress, please check out this inspiring girl on Instagram. Little secret: her account is one of my favorites!