Life Advice From Yasmin Ganzevoort

Life Advice From Yasmin Ganzevoort

Hi Vanderfits!

This week the beautiful Yasmin Ganzevoort will give you tips on how to live a healthy, happy life.

To stay fit Yasmin usually fasts for 12-16 hours overnight and then tries to eat as much fresh food as possible during the day. She does not eat red meat, but instead loves fish, chicken and eggs. She also has a smoothie bowl almost every day.

Yasmin does some form of cardio every day but walks lots for work too since she is an aged care nurse. She always starts her workouts with abs and goes to the gym about 4 - 5 times a week, alternating between weights, booty bands and HIIT.

Like me, Yasmin likes to do yoga before bed and listens to guided meditations as she falls asleep. To relax she likes to sit in the sun and read.


Although she is a true beauty, Yasmin still struggles with insecurities. "Because I have eczema I feel like when I was younger people would point out things about my skin and make me feel very self conscious. So I’m open about insecurities as a way to help me deal with them. Like I’ll point them out before someone else makes a hurtful comment about them. I’ve also learnt to love myself more over time. I think other people see me different to how I see me so I find I have to look at all the things I have, and appreciate my good".

When I asked her to give advice to other girls she answered that you all should love yourself. "Don’t let others influence your thoughts and actions and especially don’t look at social media as what you have to be or want to be. Appreciate what you have. In regards to health just eat as much non processed food is key." Her motto? Stay healthy and happy