Treating your body like a temple with Lara

Treating your body like a temple with Lara

Hi Vanderfits,

Today I want to introduce you to Lara. Besides her good looks and the fabulous outfits that she shows on her Instagram account, Lara is a true fit babe and follows a healthy lifestyle. I asked her about everything, from her diet to her workout, so grab some matcha tea and enjoy Lara's advice!

Lara says she never believed in restrictive eating or diets! She still lives at home and since her mum loves to cook, she eats whatever is on the table that night. From caesar chicken salad to tacos to fish. Lara's mom loves to experiment in the kitchen and Lara is not complaining!


Her workout schedule depends on Lara's everyday schedule, which, like the food she eats, is always changing. "I truly feel better all around once I've worked out my body, so I will try to find at least 4 days out of the week to dedicate an hour or so in the gym. It definitely helps having the gym only a 5 minutes walk away".

When I ask Lara how she finds motivation to stay healthy she replies: "Treats!" She explains to me that if she is "good" most of the time, there is no reason not to treat herself every now and again - or all the time! "Like I said, I don't believe in restricting myself. I truly enjoy mostly eating clean foods, but I do have a love for junky food. It always depends on what l feel like at the time!"

In our interview Lara explains that treating your body like a temple and taking care of yourself physically is the first step to getting your chemicals balanced and having the energy to feel your best. "When you're feeling good about the workout you really didn't want to do that morning, eating the foods that are nourishing your body with what it needs, it really is hard not to feel good about yourself. That being said, your mental health is also a very important factor in living your best life". Lara stays grounded, happy and mindful by making sure she dedicates the time she needs to wind down and just chill by herself. "I'm the most calm and relaxed in my own company and doing things I enjoy such as art or listening to music which allow me to sit and reflect". Lara's ultimate motto? Treat yourself!

And with that message I want to encourage you do that Lara's advice and of course follow her beautiful Instagram.