Bella Maria on How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Bella Maria on How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Hi Vanderfits,

Staying fit can be quite challenging, especially when on the go. Airplane food, beach BBQs and of course those delicious cocktails: is it even possible to stay healthy on a tropical destination? Bella from the travel Instagram account Bella Marias is here to help! In this article she explains how to combine your love for traveling with your healthy lifestyle.

Bella is, like her name suggests, a true beauty. She is originally from Finland, but since the past 5 years she has lived and worked abroad. She started out as a full-time model, but quickly realized she had bigger dreams. She always wanted to be an independent entrepreneur, so she started doing freelance modeling and created her own brand: Bella Marias.


Now she travels all over the world and shoots the most amazing pictures for her Instagram account. Since she is always on the go I was wondering how she maintains a healthy and balanced diet. Bella's top tip is to plan and pack. She always brings some healthy snacks on the plane so she doesn't have to eat the airplane food. She also always carries a protein snack with her, like raw bars, bananas, and nuts. In the past she has been a flight attendant so her top tip to stay healthy on the plane is to eat small portions through out the flight and keep it light. Besides that she recommends drinking lots of water.

When she arrives on her destination she always plans ahead. Since she is vegan she reads loads of reviews online to find the best food sports. Bella does not eat any animal products and likes to limit gluten. She describes herself as a true foodie. Buckwheat pancakes, avocado toast and smoothie bowls are a few of her favorite dishes. Besides all that healthy food she also loves to eat pizza now and then. According to Bella it is super important not to restrict yourself, because if you do the temptations are too strong. That's why whenever she craves pizza or chocolate she just has it!


Bella's workout routine normally consists of one hour of cardio every day and one hour of weight training. After that she does yoga, which is her huge passion. She loves yoga because it's good to get those inner muscles in shape, besides that it's really handy that you can also do it in your hotel room. Bella's big dream is to do the yoga teacher training program and bring her skills on to others.

Whenever Bella is in a tropical destination she loves to surf, swim and run. If she finds a gym she goes for it, but she actually prefers to train outside. According to Bella there's nothing better than soaking up the Vitamin D while getting the rewards of working out. Therefore a morning run by a beautiful beach is her favorite thing in the whole wide world.

Bella's diet consists of a lot of plant based protein, like lentils, beans, tofu, tempeh and nuts. She eats a huge breakfast and lots of coffee. Then she tries to make the portions smaller towards the evening. A big meal in the morning is way better than snacking in the evening, because it keeps your metabolism going. Bella describes her own way of enjoying food as French: she really enjoys every single bite of her food.


When I asked Bella how she is so confident she tells me that how you present yourself is how others see you. Bella used to be kind of shy and insecure up until she was about 15 years old. She changed by surrounding herself with positive energy that made her happy. She tells me "You will start to shine immediately when you wear your smile as a crown".

If you want to follow the sweet Bella and her amazing travels you can hop on over to her Instagram or check her blog