The Life Of Personal Trainer Vicky Hadley

The Life Of Personal Trainer Vicky Hadley

This week I had the honor to interview Vicky Hadley: This beauty is a personal trainer, fitness model and blogger on! Today I had the honor to interview Vicky about her healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to her working out Vicky has tried lots of different routines. Currently she is feeling the best and healthiest version of herself. Her workout routine consists of 5 sessions per week. She trains her lower body with weights 2/3 times a week and works on her upper body once a week. Recently, she has also started doing gymnastics as a fun way of staying supple, fit and mobile. Besides that, she does low intensity cardio and walks everywhere she can. Her top tip is to always take the stairs instead of the elevator!

When it comes to dieting Vicky has a flexible approach. She does macro counting to monitor her carbohydrate, fat and protein intake in order to keep lean or build muscle mass (depending on what her goal is).

Her typical diet is full of veggies, fruits, fish, eggs and healthy carbohydrates such as sweet potato, brown rice, oats. She avoids dairy and gluten, but loves dark chocolate and makes a delicious frozen nice cream out of bananas if she fancies something sweet.


For Vicky working out is a de-stressor and keeps her happy and clear minded. She uses exercise as a tool for her happiness rather than as a punishment. She tells me: "That way you always have a positive approach to exercise".

Like most people Vicky also suffers with stress. Her best methods of coping with it are long walks, exercise, doing a yoga or dance class which leaves her relaxed and happy.

Besides that, talking it out really helps her. Vicky describers herself as a huge talker and she would rather chat to someone about her problem than keep it bottled up. According to her: "that way you not only feel better but you get good advice from someone you trust too!"

If you are interested to learn more about Vicky you can follow her on her amazing Instagram Account!