Sunday Star: Raine Montalvao

Sunday Star: Raine Montalvao

Hi Vanderfits,

Today I'm back for you with a brand new Sunday Star article. This time I put Raine Montalvao in the spotlight. This gorgeous model is signed with three top agencies around the world and besides her stunning looks, she also has the sweetest personality.

When I asked her how she got into modeling she told me that she got scouted by a lovely woman who organized a meeting with her mother agent, Vivien's Model Management. She didn’t want to do modeling at first but Raine said that going to that meeting was the best decision to start her career.

When it comes to food Raine likes to keep a balanced diet. She loves eating healthy but she's not too strict on what she eats. She told me: "It’s usually lots of veggies and some meat but if I feel like a burger I’ll eat one."


Raine likes to alternate her workouts. "I usually do light weights at the gym, otherwise I do a Reformer Pilates or a boxing class or a one hour power walk in the park."

Having the honor to talk to a top model like Raine I also asked her about her insecurities, especially because the fashion word can be harsh and I want to encourage you, aspiring models, to feel the best in your own skin. Raine told me that she used to be really insecure when she was growing up but as she got older she learnt to accept herself. "Our physical appearance isn’t important it’s about being fit and healthy. But most importantly, it’s about knowing who I am as a person, what I offer to the world and knowing I work hard everyday to be the best version of myself."

And this this beautiful message I want to ask you to spread some love on Raine's Instagram account. She has the most gorgeous photos!