Sunday Star: Pia Christina

Sunday Star: Pia Christina

I am happy to introduce you to this week's Sunday Star: Pia Christina. Today this gorgeous and super sweet model shares her fit secrets with us!

When it comes to working out Pia has a love/hate relationship with it. She tells me "It's not always easy to get myself to the gym (probably too lazy haha), but when I do, I give it 210%. Going outside my comfort zone, you know."


Pia starts her workout routine with cardio (usually the treadmill and then later with a jump rope). She feels really energized after getting her heart rate up and feeling sweaty. This makes it a lot easier for her to finish the workout. After cardio it's time for muscles. She loves pilates and yoga! It strengthens the very deep inner muscles and tones at the same time. As a model it's very important to keep everything long and lean looking and that's why she finds stretching plays a very important role in her workout routine. Before, her legs were a lot bigger, simply because she wasn't stretching.

Pia's workout routine in a nutshell:

  1. 40 min cardio (walking in hard tempo + running + jump rope after finishing half of her muscle training) She used to do 20, but according to Pia "It's always about upgrading yourself. No matter what you are doing in life. Just give the best so the best will come to you, sooner or later".

  2. 1-1,5 hour pilates + muscle training

  3. Stretching for as long as she feel like she needs to do it. (Pia's note: Taking my time with my body #Teamwork)

After working out Pia feels extremely good and that's definitely what she loves most about it. Pia tells me: "This workout is good for my body and that doesn't mean that it will work with someone else's body. It always depends on what the person wants to achieve. I want to achieve to be more toned and have a leaner body but I still want to look as healthy as possible, not too skinny." According to Pia it's really important to listen to your own body and try to learn how it works step by step. The key word is to keep it simple and always remember that less is more.


When I start about food Pia's reaction is "Okay..Let's have a moment.. I LOVE FOOD!" (A girl to my heart, what can I say?)

According to Pia food is the best thing because it's so tasty. She says: "People who say that they don't love food so please, I mean who are you trying to convince here." Pia has always been eating very healthy foods. Not because she needs or has to but because she wants to. She tells me "Even though food products that contain a lot of sugar are delicious (like chocolate, ice-cream, donuts, pizza etc) I don't want to eat them because I'm not feeling good afterwards". Pia explains that it's important to eat foods that are high in nutrients, something that gives your body everything it needs on a daily basis. She believes that sugar products/ unhealthy foods simply don't do that. "Usually we people take our health for granted and start eating healthy foods when we get sick, yes, that's when it's already too late".

Pia's diet in a nutshell:

  1. First of all her diet contains a lot of water (She tells me: "there was this one time one of my friends got confused that I'm drinking water again after just finishing 1 liter bottle of water, I guess I was a bit thirsty"). Pia has a bad habit to overeat and therefore she makes sure to drink a glass or two of water before eating.

  2. When it comes to eating clean she likes to make sure to get fresh food. Pia doesn't like processed food at all.

  3. Since Pia is always traveling it’s SUPER important to think her diet through. She says: "Because food on the airplane sucks (well..they might be tasty for someone else) I always bring a big salad with me (especially during long flights) and small snacks as berries, apples (Granny smith are the best ones), fruits and nuts".

  4. Breakfast is her main thing. She really feels that she need it and oatmeal is her favorite. "I love to mix it with literally everything: berries, superfoods like chia & flax seeds, goji berries, banana etc. Sometimes peanut butter because I love sweet things. I’ve discovered lately that my new obsession is rice milk, it gives that soft, sweet and a little bit of vanilla flavor in it - suuuuper goood."


  1. Balance is key. Pia tries to maintain a good balance and eats as regularly as she can. If there are days she wants something unhealthy she's not going say no to it. She just thinks it through and asks herself that “do I really need it?”. Then she tries to eat something else instead (like a sweet smoothie, very dark chocolate or something else that's sweet and healthy).

  2. Pia loves delicious salads that contain a lot of different kinds of greens as kale and spinach. If she can she tries to find a salad that has quinoa in it so she I already knows it's gonna taste super good. Then of course she likes different kind of nuts, seeds, broccoli, sweet potato, olives, tomatoes, carrots, beetroot, tofu, fruits, berries etc.

  3. Pia tries to keep her diet more plant based as well. She adds: "carrot juice = pure love, always". Pia found out about carrot juice while she was in The US and will never, ever get bored of it. "I have no idea why it's so good but wauw... it's just pure magic. It's easy for me to drink 1 liter bottle of pressed carrots just like that." Pia once watched this documentary called "What The Health" and it surely was an eye-opening for her. Since that day she has tried to cut out animal products from her diet. She loves fish and chicken so it's a little bit of a struggle but if she can't find organic food, then she doesn't really need that salmon or chicken. She says: "The food that I eat NEEDS to be the real thing and not anything fake. I really, really, really recommend to watch What The Health from Netflix!"

  4. Pia likes to cook at home because that way she knows exactly what's in her food. She tries to eat her dinner between 6-8pm, but if she's going out she doesn't mind eating at 10pm. Pia adds: "Sushi, sushi and sushi!!!" (Again, a girl to my heart!).

  5. When it comes to drinks Pia LOVES green tea, matcha latte and coffee. Currently she tries to take a little break from coffee, to see if it makes any changes in her body.

  6. Last but not least Pia loves Acai bowls. "They are also VERY delicious and I'm really happy I've found them".


Pia stays so motivated to live a healthy life because it's an addiction for her, just like to be unhealthy is an addiction as well. "It's not easy for a person with unhealthy diet to turn it all around to a more healthier diet. I believe that once you feel good with yourself so you get a confidence boost and a healthy diet is one key word to it".

"To be honest, it's all about putting your mind to it. The human body's amazing! if you REALLY want something you can do it, so GO AND GET IT!"

Pia explains that whatever you want to be or achieve in your life you can do it as long as you just put your mind to it. "It's easier to say than actually do it but do me a favor and start today just by doing something little. It's going to be a hard and long process but if you keep on doing something for a better you and a better life you have to do it step by step. In the end you will get there and you will be so happy you made that change. It's all about upgrading yourself. Be the best version of you, because you are unique and nobody can't ever be you. Show them what you got!"

When I ask Pia how she deals with insecurities she gives me a simple, yet effective answer: "By facing them".

"If I realize I'm not happy with myself I just make a change. I know that after I've made that change and I start working towards the change the insecurity will fade away. This year I'm trying to do more things that really make me happy. To fill my soul with happiness."

For Pia happiness is to be able to do things in life that set your soul on fire. "Happiness is so many things. It's great food, great friends, staying healthy, working out, music, sunshine, carrot juice (Lol, she just had to), animals, family etc. It's just so many things. Happiness it's all about having the feeling that somethings makes you complete."

Pia has a few things in life she's very working very hard for to achieve and she won't rest until she has accomplished them. Pia says she will never give up, because if she wants something, she's going to work hard to get it.


Her best advice is to do more of what makes you happy and do less of what doesn't. She also believes that deleting negative people out of your life is key to your own happiness. You should have people around you who support you and lift you up. According to her you should stop being around people who put you down or take advantage of you.

She concludes: "It seems simple, but you can't imagine how many people don't follow this rule. If you have a job that you don't like or you are hanging around people that low-key make fun of you or don't make you feel good about yourself. Are you eating things that don't make you happy? - Well, really take a moment..sit down and stop doing it! Do things that make you smile and if you have a hard time to figure out what makes you smile: it's the things that come naturally to you, the things you don't need to force. Find something that you are good at, kill negative thoughts and give compliments.

This interview with Pia is one of my absolute favorites I've done so far. As you could read she is a true beauty, inside and out. I highly encourage you to give her a follow on her beautiful Instagram account and spread some love to this gorgeous soul.

A special thanks to photographer Saara Taussi for providing me with amazing shots of Pia