Sunday Star: Olivia Patmore

Sunday Star: Olivia Patmore

Hi Vanderfits!

Always wanted to know the ins and outs of the model lifestyle? In my Sunday Star articles I will share the stories of super models and ask them about their diet, workouts and more! This week's Sunday Star is Olivia Patmore, an Australian model and absolute beach fanatic. Today I had the opportunity to ask her how she gets that perfect beach body.

According to Olivia, living in Australia makes it pretty easy to stay fit. She swims in the pool, walks her dogs and goes to the gym. Besides that, she is studying a double major in sport science and exercise and health, which means lots of practice at uni!


In regards to her diet she tries to eat pretty healthy and wholesome foods. She does not eat any processed fast foods, which I totally recommend as well if you are trying to get healthier! For breakfast she has fruit smoothies or oats. Avocado on toast for lunch and veggies, protein and CHO for dinner! Although she eats healthy she does indulge on chocolate, which is completely relatable!

Since I have been uploading a lot of the Victoria's Secret Workout routines I get a lot of questions from girls who want to get into modeling as well, especially regarding the diet. Olivia signed with Chadwick Models last year and didn’t change her diet at all. She has always loved healthy food, especially salads! That is why she was able to maintain the same diet as she had before she started modeling!


Another question about modeling that often pops up is how to deal with insecurities in such a harsh world. Olivia told me that if she has any insecurities or if something is greasing her out in her life, whether that is her body or her studies, rather than stressing about it she tries to work on it to eliminate the problem. She explains that rather than spending time stressing about issues, it is best to work towards getting rid of the issue in the first place!