Sunday Star: Marion

Sunday Star: Marion

Hi Vanderfits,

Welcome to another Sunday Star article. This week I had the opportunity to interview Marion, a 17-year-old French model. Marion got started with modeling about two years ago. "I’ve never really thought of it, but a family’s friend, a photographer actually, came up to me and asked if I wanted to shoot with him, so I said yes and I instantly loved being photographed, nothing narcissistic about it, it’s just so fun to be able to transmit different vibes and emotions throughout a picture" she explains. Now Marion is doing photoshoots every now and then and she even got signed with an agency!


Marion's workout routine is pretty simple, about two or three times a week she follows videos of Marie Hellen Bowers on YouTube, she’s a ballerina who trained Nathalie Portman in the movie Black Swan. "I do her butt, legs, outer thighs and inner things workout! I also sometimes add other workouts to my routine, like yours Sanne or other models workouts, and then I take a Pilates class once a week!"

As for her diet, she does not follow a very strict regime, but Marion does eat very clean. "I love my avocados, eggs, greens and everything vegetal basically ! I just make sure to have the amount of proteins that I need every day by eating eggs or vegetal proteins. It sounds boring but I’ve never really been a fan of junk food, except for French fries that I love and would eat every now and then!"


Marion likes to keep her skin care routine pretty simple. In the morning she washes her face with Bioderma H20, then she likes to apply a daily moisturizer, which is partly made out of aloe vera. At night she takes her make up off with the same Bioderma H20 and cotton pads. Marion exfoliates her skin about twice a week with the Angels on Bare Skin by Lush. As her final step she applies her aloe Vera night moisturizer and some tee tree oil on my blemishes! And voilà!

When I asked her about her biggest dreams she answers: "I won’t say what my modeling dream is because I’m a big superstitious person and I’m so scared that if I tell it then it will never happen 😂 But what I can tell you is that on a more human side, I would really love to be able to inspire and help people, in many ways or subjects, it would be such an amazing accomplishment of mine."

I personally couldn't agree more. I think it's so amazing to inspire others with the art you bring into this world, as well with the influence you have as a model. It's really important to talk about subjects that matter to you and it's also my personal goal to help lots of people out with my voice. If you agree as well, I highly recommend you to go follow Marion to see her amazing pictures and lovely personality.