Sunday Star: Laura

Sunday Star: Laura

Hi Vanderfits,

I left Paris to celebrate life on a beach holiday with my family. I feel so extremely happy to be back on Ibiza but of course I did not forget about modeling. Like every Sunday I am back for you with a Sunday Star article. This time featuring Laura Petkowa.

Modeling has been her dream since a long time. Laura loved reading magazines and felt so inspired by all the beautiful women out there who work so hard to achieve their dreams. Laura decided to do a modeling course where she learned how to walk and pose. After that course she had her very first professional photoshoot and it went very well. "10 days later the agency in my city sent these photos to the agency in the capital of my country and the booker actually wanted me to go there. Months later, I went to do a test shoot and that's where it all began."


Laura loves to workout. "I couldn’t even skip a day, it always makes me feel better or more relaxed. I love Pamela Reif’s home workouts, Rebecca Louise’s and of course Sanne’s workouts! These three women always cheer me up & keep me motivated. Also, I love to do stretching when I wake up and before bedtime."

Laura mentions that keeping your face clean is very important as a model. She loves washing her face when she wakes up with Bioderma water. Before she goes to sleep she uses a washing gel & lotion with Aloe Vera, which helps her skin stay hydrated!

Modeling is really important for Laura, because it makes her feel happy. She always says "dreams DO come true" and believes in all the opportunities she gets in life. "I would love to do a photoshoot with (you) Sanne, one day, it would be great to see two young girls/women who believe & dream so hard to achieve all of their dreams!"