Sunday Star: Kim

Sunday Star: Kim

In today's Sunday Star article we are diving into the life of the beautiful Kim, a true inspiration for all the aspiring models reading this.

Kim - Whamisa

Kim started modeling at the beginning of this year by simply applying for an agency. "I loved doing photoshoots with my best friend, but i never wanted to ask a photographer for a 'real shoot'. I didn't feel like a 'real model' and I was afraid of being rejected by the photographer. So i searched for agencies and applied to them (via mails or online-application websites). First I got one or two results, but then 3 agencies wanted to meet me."



Kim decided to visit the first agency, which was closet to her. They made polaroids and a booker asked her if she had time to go to a casting the next day. They made an appointment for a TFP (time for print) shoot and Kim absolutely loved it.



Kim's diet is really simple. She isn't vegetarian or vegan, but she makes sure she cuts down on the meat and cooks many vegetarian dishes. To her, daily fruits and vegetables is a must!

Kim admits her workout routine could be better. "Sometimes I go to the gym, sometimes I'll do home workouts or yoga with YouTube videos, but since I don't do sport every day or at a special day in a week (for example yoga class every Monday) I often forget to do sports. But I am working on these two points right now. I'd love to be one of those super healthy eaters and sporty models, but I love noodles, pizza, and bread. And sport is not as enjoyable for me without someone who trains with me."