Sunday Star: Holly Kagis

Sunday Star: Holly Kagis

Today's Sunday Star is Holly Kagis. She is a musician, actor, voiceover artist and model at LA Models.

Holly became a model at 18 when she was scouted at a dance studio in Western Australia. "A casting director spotted me and asked me to walk in front of a big crowd - I was terrified! A few weeks later I was opening a major show at Fashion Week. It was very surreal. I signed with a great agency and I’ve been working ever since."

When it comes to her diet Holly is gluten intolerant so she has to be a little bit careful with what she eats. "Luckily its a pretty popular diet these days, so you can even get gluten-free burgers at Shake Shack (woo!)
I love to cook so I’ve learned to make really great GF meals at home, that makes things a lot easier."


Her workout routine is always changing depending on where she is in the world and what she is up to. Holly loves dance classes but if she can't find one in her area she will go for pilates, yoga or the occasional spin class. She says she enjoys working out but is much better at it when there’s an instructor motivating her!

Holly's favorite skincare products are always really natural, gentle ones. When she first started modeling her skin wasn’t used to all the makeup and she really panicked. It wasn’t until she swapped all her beauty products for natural ones that it finally calmed down. "At jobs I often have harsh products on my skin so I use a cleansing oil to make sure it all comes off. Then I really like rosehip oil as a moisturizer and pawpaw ointment for lips!"

Holly's biggest tip for girls who want to get into modeling is to love what makes you unique and never let anybody change that!