Sunday Star: Cayley Scrooby

Sunday Star: Cayley Scrooby

In today's Sunday Star article I want to introduce you to the beautiful Cayley Scrooby. Read along if you are curious to know all the diet, workout and skincare secrets of this Australian model!

When I asked her about her modeling journey Cayley explained that modeling had always somehow approached her, even when she didn't expect it or want it to. She tells me that growing up, she was scouted for many small jobs before she was even signed to her current agency in Australia (Chic Management).

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"At first I didn't want to do these small jobs that I was scouted for and would reject most of them. My mom would actually bribe me to attend these jobs because I was simply too scared and insecure at the time. She literally had to pay me to do the Dolly Model competition." When Cayley was chosen for the state finals she was so shocked that she couldn't even smile for the cameras, she was just shaking so much. Three agencies had scouted her after this but she declined them all. However, she continued doing these side jobs that she was scouted for because she found them fun. "Luckily I did, because my manager had scouted me when I was thirteen years old at one of these smaller jobs and signed me to Chic at fifteen. The rest is history."

When it comes to her diet and health, Cayley was constantly falling ill with tonsillitis (and even glandular fever) when she finally met my naturopath. She had discovered through him that she is both gluten and lactose intolerant. Ever since then, she had to cut out all dairy, refined sugar and grains (paleo/keto diet). "I have been eating this way for the past 3-4 years now! It was definitely a hard adjustment at first but now I cannot eat any other way. I never fall ill, my energy levels are amazing and my skin is generally quite clear. It is insane what diet can do for your overall health, appearance and mentality."

For workouts Cayley loves to feel like she is burning/sweating it out. If she works out, it definitely needs to be an intense session, preferably one-on-one with a trainer. She is currently boxing 4 times a week and the other 3 days she does her own routine of whatever she feels like (pilates, cardio, yoga etc.).

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To take care of her skin Cayley uses all Dermalogica products and has been since she was 12 years old. "It works amazing for my skin! It is important to invest in a great skincare routine as it definitely pays off in the long run. You definitely get what you pay for!! Skin for me is everything so I put a huge emphasis on this."

When I asked her if she had any tips for aspiring models Cayley told me that you should research the best agencies in your area and either submit your headshots or email them. "If they are interested, they will contact you. I am a huge believer in whatever is meant to be will be… and with this industry you never know what will happen and can't necessarily expect anything. Don't be too impatient and be respectful/mindful that some agencies may not be scouting or just simply aren’t interested. But also don't let this discourage you… You never know what opportunities may arise!"

I completely agree with Cayley and I recommend you to follow her on Instagram to see more of her life!