Sunday Star: Carlota Enseñat

Sunday Star: Carlota Enseñat

This week's Sunday Star is Carlota Enseñat. She's a gorgeous model for Paragon and Neon Model Management. Today she will share everything about her healthy lifestyle with us.

Although Carlota is naturally skinny she has been working more on her body this past year. She started eating healthier and doing exercises to have more muscle and shape her body. Seeing the results of her hard work gives her more confidence.


Carlota told me she struggled with confidence in the beginning of her career, especially on social media. "You see some bad comments and you are kind of upset. Or you know there are people commenting that I must starve myself or have health issues". Carlota felt a lot of rage at first. Especially because it's not true at all and they have no idea and no right to say that without knowing anything about her or her medical chart. "It’s very unfair. But you learn to not hear those bad comments, some of them just motivate me to do better, I go and leave that rage on the gym. I also have so many supportive and positive messages". Carlota chooses to focus on all the girls who say she shows them how you don’t need to starve yourself to feel amazing and have a great body. Carlota explains that more people should choose positivity over negativity and be more kind. "Body shaming goes both ways and people should know that at this time, how is this news?". I personally think she couldn't be more right. Just as it is not okay to tell people they are too fat or even obese it's also not okay to call them too skinny and anorexic. Carlota gets inspiration and motivation from her own followers. One of her fans told her: “some people should stop feeding their ego with hate and negativity and try looking at the light and beauty to things instead of judgement.”*


Carlota totally agrees with that. She tells me: "We all have insecurities some time, but sincerely, fuck them". She explains we all have to be comfortable in our own skin. "We are not all cut by the same pattern, nobody has the same body shape, I have a petit build, others have bigger builds, and that’s ok!!!". Her top advice is to eat healthier, do a little more exercise, and be proud of the little things you achieve every day. "We are ALL beautiful, inside and out, let’s show that to the world, instead of hate".

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