Lifting Weights With Madeleine Storace

Lifting Weights With Madeleine Storace

Hi Vanderfits!

I have some really exciting news for you! From now on, I will share the inspiring stories of my favorite Vanderfit girls in a new series of interviews here on my blog. This week: Madeleine Storace.


Madeleine is the owner of the brand 0855. Since a lot of her gym bags had fallen apart on her she decided to combine her love for fitness and fashion and created a luxury leather gym bag. Now the brand has expanded and 0855 sells scrunchies too!

The name 0855 is the birthday of her dad who passed away. He always told Madeleine that she would be an entrepreneur and I am sure he would be so proud of her if he sees what she has accomplished so far.

Besides being the owner of her own brand Madeleine is also very active on her Instagram account where she gives her followers an insight in her life. Besides that she has a YouTube channel on which she posts workout videos.


When I asked her about her fit journey Madeleine told me that she started training about two and a half years ago. Before that she was convinced that eating very little was the way to get skinny and fit along with cardio. Then she discovered the fitness niche on Instagram and learned how by lifting weights she would get the body she wanted without looking ‘masculine’.

Although she enjoyed working out she had trouble with getting the right nutrition. Madeleine started to believe that she needed to only eat chicken and broccoli to stay lean like the bikini competitors which actually did the opposite effect to her body. She wasn't loosing weight nor was she gaining muscle. She still didn't look the way she wanted and found what really worked for her body which was eating intuitively and all clean and whole foods and as much as her body needed.


Now, training and eating healthy makes her so extremely happy. She proudly told me: "I don’t know how I would live my life any other way 💪🏼"