Sunday Star: Nina Pollutri

Sunday Star: Nina Pollutri

It is time again for another Sunday Star article. Each week I interview a model about her career, her healthy lifestyle and of course her best tips and tricks for becoming a model. Today I want to feature the beautiful Nina Pollutri

When I asked her how she started her career she told me that she actually kind of fell into modeling by accident. "I had done a couple of shoots but the first bigger photographer I worked with was Dustin Genereux, who now has become one of my really good friends. I joke with him sometimes that he sort of “discovered” me. I didn’t think anything of it when I shot with him I just remember being really excited and nervous because he was such a good photographer, and I had never shot with anyone that good before. Honestly after that my world turned upside down and it just snow-balled from there. I remember being kind of confused about the whole thing but my plan was (and still is) to just go with the flow and whatever happens with it happens." Now we are a couple of years later and Nina is signed to two agencies, yet most of the time she still feels like she is winging it.

As far as Nina's diet goes she would love to say that she is one of those super healthy organic vegan eaters but she is not. "I’m Italian so I love bread and cheese and carbs and all that good stuff. I’m also from Philly so I love a good soft pretzel, and have such a soft spot for Mexican food. I really pretty much eat whatever I want, but just about two years ago I discovered I have a lot of food allergies and that changed my diet a lot. What I miss out on the most is fruit because I’m allergic to most of it. Which kills me because I LOVE pineapple. I also don’t eat fast food. When I say fast food I mean McDonald’s, places like that. Every once in a while I will but for the most part it grosses me out. I also don’t really have a sweet tooth (except for my occasional federals doughnuts craving their cinnamon and brown sugar is so good its sinful) but other than that I’m not into ice cream or candy or stuff like that." Even though she likes sweet food, recently Nina has been trying to be more conscious about what she is putting in her body and the quality of food she eats.


Besides being a model, Nina is also a dancer. How many hours a week she dances depends on her work schedule and also on how many days she has to go to New York for castings/auditions. "Aside from that I lift weights at the gym. I try to go at least three times a week but sometimes I’m busy and can only make it once which sucks. I went to school for dance and once I graduated the amount of hours I was dancing a week changed drastically so I lost a lot of muscle. I’m naturally very skinny so in order to get some of that muscle back I started lifting weights."

Skincare is something Nina is still learning about. "I AM BY NO MEANS one of those models who has perfect skin and puts on a little BB cream and calls it a day. No. Like I said earlier I have a lot of allergies which created a lot of skin problems for me so I try and use products that are good for really sensitive skin. As of right now though, for face wash I use Neutrogena naturals. I love it because it doesn’t dry my skin out and it’s really gentle but at the same time will take all my makeup off. This is really great for when I get home from work or a shoot and have a lot of makeup on for hours where my skin is already aggravated! After that maybe once a week I will use the Dermalogica exfoliant. It’s great for sensitive skin. As far as moisturizers I use Cedaphil for during the day because it has spf in it. For night time I recently started using Peter Thomas Roth water drench night cream. I like for my skin to be super super super hydrated before bed. I am still on the hunt for a good night serum!" Nina explains that she has learned that you just have to do your research on what is best for your skin type because using the wrong thing could be a waste of time and it gets expensive. Choosing the right skincare can be overwhelming.


"My advice for girls who want to model is the industry is fucking hard. It’s no joke. You can go on casting after casting after casting and still not book. It’s a lot of rejection and it can be really hard at times. Especially now with social media I think theres such a misconception of what it’s actually like. There have absolutely been times where I have gotten so discouraged. But after being in this industry for a couple years I have learned that having agents who care about you and having a good support system is key. Because you need it. And you just have to keep pushing yourself because it will swallow you up if you don’t. Find those people who have your best interest at heart and those who want to see you succeed and prosper and keep them close. Also NEVER NEVER EVER do a shoot where you feel uncomfortable. Speak up on what you want/don’t want and what you like/don’t like. Don’t ever let a photographer make you feel like you HAVE to take your clothes off. You don’t HAVE to do anything you don’t want to do. For myself when I started, when test shooting with photographers it was quality over quantity for me. I wasn’t super interested in shooting with every single photographer just because they wanted to shoot. I know that probably sounds so stuck up but I was picky. I still am. I would rather not shoot as often and get back really great shots that I can use for my book with someone who’s work I’m really inspired by, then shoot all the time and have a bunch of so/so shots. It feels cluttered to me. Lastly, as corny as this sounds, you have to stay true to yourself. It can be easy to get lost because of your surroundings but I promise you with the right people by your side it will make the world of difference."

And with this amazing advice by Nina I want to ask you to please follow her amazing Instagram account. She's the best!