Model Monday: What to wear when visiting a modeling agency

Model Monday: What to wear when visiting a modeling agency


When visiting a modeling agency it is of extreme importance to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, yet that make you look the best possible version of yourself and show off your body at the same time. Recently, I got a lot of questions about what to wear when visiting an agency, especially when you know there are going to take pictures of you.

During my own casting it was extremely hot outside and I decided to wear a beige button-up dress. It showed my personality and was also flattering for my figure. In my opinion it was the perfect look and luckily for me I got signed while wearing it. However, often agencies ask you to wear more neutral clothes, preferable black and/or black with a top and jeans.


Top: SHEIN / Jeans: Levi's

When it comes to the ultimate model look I personally suggest picking out a black pair of skinny jeans that is not too tight on your body (you don't want any marks on your skin). Black looks good on everybody and will always be a very sophisticated color to wear. You can make your look more personal by wearing a jeans with cut-outs or combining then with your favorite belt. I went for my Levi's jeans, which are an absolute staple in my collection. They fit super comfortable and I even think they make my legs look longer!

When it comes to a top I prefer wearing one with short sleeves. I love crop tops, but find it very hard to pick one that does not show too much and looks professional. That's why usually I tie up my own t-shirts, which often results in a wrinkled top. However, these two super cute tees from SHEIN are designed to be tied up and have a special cut at the bottom. I love how they are not too tight, but still show that I have a small frame. Besides that, they are from really good quality and don't show my bra which is another key feature for the perfect modeling outfit.

What do you think of this look? Would you wear it when visiting your agency?