Model Monday: How to find the right modeling agency

Model Monday: How to find the right modeling agency

As you might have noticed from my latest vlogs I am incredibly happy with my modeling agency. The bookers are friendly, the owner is amazing and most importantly: the vibe is relaxed, yet very professional. However, I've heard that a lot of young girls that aren't as lucky. Aspiring models often have trouble finding the right agency. In this article I will give you some tips on finding the agency that is right for you.

1. Always do your research: Don't just go for the first agency you encounter, but do proper research first. Look on their website, read reviews online and preferably chat with other models about their experiences. If you don't know any models I recommend contacting them on Instagram direct message. I'm sure they will be honest about their experiences.



2. Meet the bookers: When you have found an agency with a good reputation and you are invited for a casting you should definitely meet the bookers. Are they nice to you? Are they professional? Trust your instinct and when something doesn't feel right, just look for another agency.

3. Ask questions: Please ask all questions you possibly have about your agency before signing with them. Remember that they should be as happy with you as you are with them, so if they really want you they won't mind spending some time taking away your concerns. Also, you can of course ask me for advice too. Just message me on Instagram and I try my hardest to answer all of you.