Model Monday: 5 items every model needs in her closet

Model Monday: 5 items every model needs in her closet

Today I will be sharing 5 items that every model needs in her closet. First off, as a model you absolutely need a robe. Whenever you are shooting the most annoying thing are the marks left on your skin from tight clothes. That's why often you will be asked to put on a robe in between shots. Another reason for this is that you don't want to make any stains or wrinkles in the clothes provided by the brand. Lastly, if you are shooting summer clothes or lingerie outside it can get quite cold so a robe is going to be your best friend.



Another item you absolutely need is a strapless, nude bra. Whenever you are shooting you want to wear lingerie that is invisible under clothing. This bra is especially perfect because it's not only nude but also seamless.



When shooting polaroids or going to a casting you have to wear a basic outfit that shows off your figure. This black body suit is perfect!

Body suit: SHEIN


Talking about castings, a pair of black skinny jeans is also a must. These ones look amazing and are comfy too.

Black jeans: SHEIN


Lastly, a pair of black heels is something every model needs. Pick out a pair that is classy, will fit every outfit and of course is somewhat comfortable so you can walk around on them all day long whenever you need to do castings.

Heels: SHEIN