Model Monday: How To Apply To An Agency

Model Monday: How To Apply To An Agency

Recently I've been getting so many questions about how girls should apply to an agency, what my tips and tricks are for good polaroid pictures and of course how to deal with rejection. That's why in this Model Monday article I'm going to tell you about my own modeling experience and give you my best advice along the way.

1. Find the right agencies: The most important step of applying to a modeling agency is finding the right one. Not only do you have to look for an agency with a good reputation, the vibe also has to be right and a click with your bookers is a must. In a recent article I explained how to find a good agency that fits your needs.

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2. Sending your polaroids: Once you have found a few agencies that you think you like, it's time to send your polaroids. Please study the directions on the website of the agency closely to make sure you are following the requirements. Most agencies want polaroids without makeup in lingerie or bikini. If you don't feel comfortable with that you can also pose in tight fitting clothes. Agencies usually ask for a couple of close-ups, some smiling, some with a straight face. They also want a picture from your hips up and one full length one. Most of the time you can send your pictures along with your measurements and other details via a form on their website. However, some agencies do open castings. In that case, skip this step and make an appointment for a casting.

3. Casting day: When the agency sees potential in you or when they do open castings, you will get an invitation for casting day. In a recent article I spoke about the perfect outfit to wear to a casting. Make sure you are well-rested and show your personality to your agency. Also, practice your walk and your poses, because they will make photos and videos of you!

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4. Deal with rejection: In case you did not get invited for a casting, please don't give up. I got rejections as well, but I kept going for it and that's why I got signed with my current agency. It's a good idea to ask other models on social media about their agency. Maybe they have good recommendations for you!

5. Signing the contract: When the agency has chosen you they will provide you with a contract. It's time to celebrate, but please be warned! Read the contract a couple of times (maybe even together with your parents) so you are sure you agree with every rule.

And that's it! If you have any questions left you can of course always ask me on Instagram or YouTube. I also just made a video with more tips on how to get signed, so in case you want to watch it:

Good luck with applying!