Romantic Relaxing Retreat in Madrid

Romantic Relaxing Retreat in Madrid

I feel so grateful to
Finally be
In your strong arms again
So thankful
For the ability to smell you
Feel you
Kiss you
After all this time
No ocean between us
But rather around us
Let’s swim till we reach our bodies
Dance in the moon light
And honor the morning sun
Baby I just know
We are ONE 💫

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After spending 3 months apart I am finally reunited with the love of my life. We decided to meet in Madrid, the beautiful capital of our favorite country. We went to a different hotel every single night to really explore both the city and ourselves. Switching up your environment forces you to be creative with your space and time. It gives your mind the ability to really take everything in and see the world with a brand new gaze instead of it turning into a place of habit where we don’t notice the little details anymore because we are simply too used to them being around us.


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Besides this very romantic experience being beneficial to my soul this trip was also a nice break from work. August is a time when most models spend their time relaxing, since the fashion world is taking a break before the extremely busy month of September. For me, it felt so refreshing to spend time without my laptop, without having to edit (I prerecorded all my YouTube videos), without the urge to check my e-mail for jobs, castings and confirmations.

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These times of pure relaxation give me so much creative energy. I feel completely renewed and so taped into my inner soulful self. Especially since Fadi and I very consciously celebrated the New Moon in Leo. Did you celebrate this special solar eclipse as well? Let me know!

Outfit: SHEIN


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