I'm living in Cape Town!

I'm living in Cape Town!

Hi Vanders,

The past couple of months I have been extremely nervous about my move to Cape Town. Ever since I came back from Paris I knew that I would be living in South Africa for 2,5 months as soon as 2019 would start. I spend a fair amount of hours crying about how much I would miss my family, I couldn't think about not seeing Pommy for that long and I postponed packing my suitcase till the very last day before I took off. But then, when I finally arrived after my 12 hour flight I felt nothing but bliss.

Now that I'm here I don't understand where all those worries came from. Cape Town is amazing! The city is beautiful, I love the nature and every time I see Table mountain or Lion's head I am in awe. The people are also super friendly and my castings are going great!

Also, I really enjoy filming for Living With The Vanders. In 2018 I made the plan to create a different format on YouTube, more personal than reality TV and more creative than vlogging. Now that I have released the first episode I am so happy with your responses! You guys are all so sweet, telling me how much you love it and that makes me incredibly happy!

Today the second episode comes live, in which you will see my adventures in this beautiful city. I go bike riding through Bo Kaap, visit the farmers market, take you along with me to my first castings and show you how I stay fit while traveling.

How excited are you?

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At Clifton Beach
Blue Set: SHEIN

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My First Casting
Green Set: SHEIN
White Tee: SHEIN

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Camps Bay

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Sandy B Beach Club

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Clifton 4


Bo Kaap

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