Ibiza, heaven on earth

Ibiza, heaven on earth

Hi Vanders,

To be honest with you, living in Cape Town for 2,5 months has been very hard on me. I will go more in depth about my experience in the season finale of season one of LWTV, but to give you a quick summery I have never felt as lonely and sad in my entire life as I did in South Africa. Of course I experienced the most amazing adventures, like kayaking with dolphins, walking my first fashion show and doing TV commercials, but I soon found out that the modeling industry isn't as glamorous as it seems. There is a pretty dark side to it that left me feeling incredibly unappreciated and unsafe.

That's why I was over the moon when I finally got to go home to my family. Not only had the modeling industry been very hard on me, missing the people that you love is a challenge in itself. When I boarded the plane a weight was lifted off my shoulders. The 12 hours went by extremely slowly, but when I landed in the country I was born I had forgotten about it all. I ran to the baggage belt and got out as quickly as I could. Then I saw them, finally I was reunited with my family. I was so happy when I saw Pommy's cute little face, his sweet eyes and never-ending fluffy tail. I cried tears of joy when I saw my grandpa and my mom, standing on Schiphol airport with a rose, waiting for me with the biggest smile in the world.

I only spent a few days with them in The Netherlands, because as soon as we could we went on a holiday together. Of course we decided to go to Ibiza, the place I truly consider home. If you have been following me for quite some time now you know that I spent my childhood summer's there and every time in my life I feel like I need to recharge I go there to find energy, happiness and tranquility. This time, it was no different. After those months in Cape Town I needed a break, quality time with the people that are dear to me. This holiday was all about that. We dined on the beach, played with Pommy in the sand, enjoyed walking in the harbor and shopped till we dropped. I had the time of my life!


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