Family time on Ibiza

Family time on Ibiza

Hi Vanderfits!

I am finally back for you with another travel diary! After working full-time as a model in Paris for one month it was time to spend some quality time with my family. The best place to do so is definitely Ibiza. This small island in the Mediterranean sea is where I feel most at home. I have been coming there since I was 6 years old and even in my dreams I can walk to every single street, corner and beach. Ibiza is where I had my first cocktail, my first dance, my first holiday with my boyfriend. It’s where I find joy, comfort and happiness.

It all starts with the feeling I get when I step off the plane. The warm air always gives me a welcoming hug, the palm trees gently wave and the ocean whisper its loving songs in my ear. For me, Ibiza is pure bliss.

Normally I go about three times a year with my mom and once with my boyfriend. However, this time my mom and I decided to take my grandpa with us. As some of you might know my sweet grandma passed away on my birthday in August, so this trip was not only about making new memories but also about reflecting on the old ones.


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